February 6th, 2020


I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

The guy I've been after forever to dig me a trench said he's about ready. That meant I needed to get some trees out of his way along and down in a gulley he has to cross. He could, of course, knock them down for me, but that would slow him down and cost me more. So I took advantage of a hole in the weather and scooted over to Wilderstead today to play lumberjack.

I dropped five trees. Four of them had butts between 6"-8" and were 35'-40' tall. The last one was about half that size. Of course, cutting down trees is the easy part. Next, you have to get rid of the fallen timber that's blocking your driveway. So I cut 'em up roughly. Made a brush pile, stacked some fire wood, shoved the big log sections out of the way to cut up later. Chain saws look so much easier than hand tools, but they still wear you out to run them for any extended period.

While I rested up and had a light lunch in the cabin (a Clif bar and a beer -- it's what I had on hand), I started up my old tractor and ran it for a while to keep its battery charged up. Then it was time to clean up the cabin and head for home, with a job well done behind me.

I noted that the door I built and installed on my little cabin is sticking badly. The moisture of the holler has swollen it so that it doesn't fit without banging it. So one of the upcoming chores for me is to bring a plane out there and smooth down the door edge. Then, I'll have to re-prime it and re-paint it. I'm hoping to save that job for warmer weather.