January 26th, 2020


Emotion, authenticity, truth

The label traditionalist is a bit awkward, but I am grateful that we have adopted a more inclusive – or perhaps, less culturally defined – label for ourselves than evangelical. Not that there’s anything wrong with identifying as an evangelical, or conservative-evangelical, or whatever; but some of us who are theologically orthodox are not culturally evangelical. Some of those who gather under the traditionalist label wouldn’t consider themselves conservative, either, at least not in every sense. This means that I find myself a minority sometimes in ecclesiastical meetings, where most of the people in the room or around the table are all quite comfortable operating in the evangelical mode.Collapse )

Lessons from Early American Methodism

It would behove us, I think, to look back at the astounding success of early American Methodism, particularly immediately after the formation of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1784 and before the new practices and style of the Second Great Awakening had had time to deform Methodism from its original pattern.Collapse )