September 14th, 2019

round tuit

Beam me up, Scotty

It took an unconscionably long time to get this rascal up on the wall, but I finally did it.


First, I was missing a vital piece for my tripod. Then, I found that manipulating 4x4s while up in the air was a lot more difficult than I thought. Then I tried raising the beam and had it unbalanced, which caused the tripod to tip over. I finally got this up on the wall, but it's still not seated correctly. So next time I go out, I've got to turn it over, analyze what's wrong, fix it, and then put it back in place -- without taking it down. And at that point, I should be past the learning curve and ready to slap these babies up. I've got three on the ground waiting for the upward call, now.

In other news, something died out in the bushes between the cabin and the building site. Here's hoping the scavengers clean it up before my next trip out yonder. Pe-yew!

I went to Richmond to help Anna yesterday. I also helped Daniel with his schoolwork. Then I drove down to Wilderstead and stayed overnight in the cabin. The Harvest Moon kept my skylights lit up all night. And the weather today was just gorgeous!