November 8th, 2018


When Push Comes to Shove

Those of us in the orthodox/evangelical/traditional camp of The UMC keep trying to explain to our liberal/progressive/radical fellow church members why we believe as we do and why we are threatening to leave The UMC and start a new denomination (or something like that) if the latest progressive plan (The One Church Plan, OCP) is approved by the called General Conference next February.

This essay is not addressed to them, the progs. It is addressed to my co-believers, the trads, who are still trying to wrap their heads around what is happening in The UMC and hoping against hope that it will all go away and just be all right, no matter what happens. It is not a call to head for the doors. But it is a reminder why doors exist, and why one needs to think about the unthinkable before it becomes the new normal. Collapse )