July 22nd, 2018


Given half an excuse . . .

I'll always include quotations in foreign tongues or obscure dialects in my sermons.

I preached this morning on "The Road to Happiness." So of course I began with the Queen of Elfland explaining the way to her country to Thomas the Rhymer:
O see ye not yon narrow road,
So thick beset wi' thorns and briers?
That is the path of righteousness,
Tho' after it but few enquires.

And see ye not yon braid, braid road,
That lies across yon lillie leven?
That is the path of wickedness,
Tho' some call it the road to heaven.

And see ye not yon bonny road,
Which winds about the ferny brae?
That is the road to fair Elfland,
Where thou and I this nicht maun gae.