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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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The Structure of Ordained Ministry According to the Practice of the Followers of John Wesley
Part Two

So, what’s a bishop?

Apostolic succession (AS) is a theory about the continuity of the Christian Church from the apostles to later generations. It has several different aspects, and those churches who emphasize it each approach it rather differently; however, AS usually centers on the office of Bishop. In AS theory, the apostles were the first bishops, and later bishops were their successors. The successor-bishops were at first chosen by the apostles themselves, and then later by those themselves chosen by the apostles, and so on. Authority to act as a bishop thus comes from a legitimate chain of transmission.Collapse )
The Structure of Ordained Ministry According to the Practice of the Followers of John Wesley
Part Three

Did Jesus choose only men? Did the Church?

Though not fundamental to the theory of AS, the idea that only men can be bishops (and priests and deacons) typically accompanies it. The theory is, Jesus showed that only men are qualified for those offices, for Jesus (and later, the apostles) chose only men to fill those offices. And a great deal of later theologizing about the image of Christ in the church and how the whole church is feminine in relation to God in Christ, etc., has followed. But what was the place of women in the NT church, and what ministries do we see them performing?Collapse )
From me to you
Going through my saved pix on LJ, I came across this one by Ursula V. She and MCA Hogarth used to do pictures of honey badgers. This is a honey badger's take on Valentine's Day.


Morally ambiguous honey badger

Valentine's Day this year is also Ash Wednesday. All I can add is, "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."

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