November 7th, 2017

big hairy deal

Totting up the score

Back when I was preaching, I would occasionally review my recent sermons -- on a couple of occasions, I even compiled all the data from all my sermons over the course of my career -- to see if I were riding any particular hobby horses; to see what I wasn't talking about, what parts of the Bible I was neglecting. I thought it might be instructive to do that with my LiveJournal, to make sure I'm not just being a bore.

Since retiring July 1, I have posted 67 times on this LJ (not counting this one). I don't count Facebook posts and responses, since that is both more ephemeral and harder to track. This is my permanent blog, where I put things I want to refer to again. The breakdown of subject matter is as follows.

Family updates, cat pictures, working on rental house or at Wilderstead, personal updates: 25 posts (37.3%).

Church history, doctrine, polemics and controversies: 12 posts (17.9%).

Politics and culture: 9 posts (13.4%).

Reflections on ministry: 4 posts (6.0%).

Scouting: 4 posts (6.0%). This used to be a far larger proportion of my posts, I'm sure.

Education/the life of the mind: 3 posts (4.5%).

Language: 3 posts (4.5%).

History: 2 posts (3.0%).

Humor (memes): 2 posts (3.0%). Not much here. Most of this goes on FB these days.

Humor (by myself): 1 post (1.5%).

Biblical interpretation: 1 post (1.5%).

Poetry (by others): 1 post (1.5%). I used to post more poetry, particularly in April. I also used to post my own from time to time.

Looking over the spread, I am pleased to see the variety. And no category really dominates more than any other, though the family updates and pictures of my work out at Wilderstead -- the diary posts, I guess you could call them -- form a larger portion than if this were a blog written for publication on somebody else's site.