November 6th, 2017

wile e.

Another brilliant idea

I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep Saturday night so much, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if we could do this more often?" How about if Congress simply declared a 25-hour day? Yeah, we'd have to lop off 15.2 days each year to keep the calendar straight, but so what? We'd always have the time to sleep in or goof off, every day!

Okay, maybe that's excessive. So how about we do it every month? The first Sunday of every month gets an extra hour. That's only twelve extra hours added to the year. Just a half day. We'd have to lop off a calendar day every two years, or maybe only have leap year every six.

Oh, and we'd get rid of that whole "spring forward" thing where you lose an hour and spend weeks trying to adjust to the lost sleep. Gone. Outa here. Forever.

Write your Congressman.