October 5th, 2017


Not eggplant

Deanne grew these little bell peppers in a container garden on the back porch. I'd never seen purple peppers before. Green bell peppers, of course, are simply the immature ones. Of the fully ripe, I like all kinds: red, orange, yellow. But purple?

I cooked them up with other peppers and a bunch of yellow squash for dinner tonight. These peppers aren't really sweet, like the red, orange, and yellow ones. And they sure do have a lot of pith compared to the amount of flesh. But they taste -- well, sort of bell-pepper-y.

Purple peppers

Purple peppers
Peter Piper poached a pan of purple peppers
One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple pepper eater
Sergeant Pepper's Lowly Hearth Club
Leaping lepers, where'd you get those peppers?

Okay, I'm running out of puns . . .