August 30th, 2017

by himself

Comings and goings

I went over to Wilderstead yesterday, with a mind to lay some block. I also had to fit the door I've made, and do other assorted errands. Hera jumped into my duffel as if pleading to go with me. Considering how she hates car travel, I'm guessing this wouldn't be a good idea. But it was cute.

Take me along if you love-a me

Take me along if you love-a me
No, not really

So, I had a lovely night in the cabin. Today, I spent six solid hours mixing mortar and laying block. I was all done in. I had thought about spending a second day doing the same, but decided to return home and rest up a bit before tackling another day like today. Oh, and I've got to finish the door and paint the handrail and a few other things around here.