August 25th, 2017

dangerous job

On baring my, er -- soul

Back when I was in college, I worked one summer for Citizen's Gas. We were discussing painting houses one day on a work crew, and one of the workmen said, "Ya ain't worth a damn until you've got the first glob on you."

I sympathize with that. I'm a messy painter. I primed the handrail out in front of our house today, and despite my best efforts, got a few dribbles on my nice shorts. Now, my not-quite-as-nice shorts. *Sigh*

The only way I know to keep from getting paint on my work clothes would be to paint without any pants on. And I don't think I can do that in the front yard on Tapp Road, even with one end blocked off by the busy little beavers working on the I-69 overpass. Oh, well. Consider the smears battle scars.

"And remember, if the ladies don't find ya handsome, make sure they find ya handy."
-- Red Green