August 22nd, 2017

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Eclipse Camp 2017

It's not every day a total solar eclipse happens near your home. Western Kentucky was too close to not go see it. I started checking into local campgrounds last winter, only to find all the best spots already reserved. So I called the local Boy Scout Council to ask about their camp on Kentucky Lake. I found out they were having a four-day camporee, so I registered myself, Anna, and the two grandcubs for it. (Brian and Deanne both had to work.)

Anna and the grandcubs left early Friday morning and got here to the south of Bloomington by 11:00 or so. We had some lunch and packed up the rest of the gear. I drove from here, to give Anna some rest. We had almost five hours of travel still ahead of us. We drove down I-69 past Evansville and rounded Kentucky Dam on I-24. Then we turned south down the west side of Kentucky Lake. Along the way, we stopped for supper at a Waffle House. Good, solid chow -- with grits! (Waffle House is one of the best things about traveling through the mid-South.)

Road food

Road food
Ah, Waffle House, how have I missed theeCollapse )