August 7th, 2017

wile e.

Today's project

Deanne wanted a handrail for our front steps. At the same time, we have a bit of an erosion problem in front of the house.

Today, I knocked together a handrail for the front, and connected it with an erosion bar set in the ground. I need to put a little strategic Sakrete around my posts, since I couldn't drive them deep enough in the ground. Then, I need to add a bunch of dirt to fix the slope. Lastly, I intend to prime and paint the rail to match the trim on the house. I don't dig black as a color much, but painting the rail black will allow me to use the leftover paint to touch up the pillars and door trim a bit.

I need to scrape and re-paint a bunch of my trim on the cabin. So, I guess I could paint the handrail green ("chive" is the actual color name). Or, if I decided to go whole hog and re-paint my cabin, I could paint the handrail brown ("hat box brown"). Well, there's time to consider all possibilities.

Anyway, I haven't been idle, even on a quiet day.

Work in progress

Work in progress
Step right up, step right up