April 20th, 2017

hound of heaven

Through the years

The Board of Ordained Ministry is asking for me to send them some pictures: one, from my very early ministry; one, from a high point in ministry along the way; and one, a more-or-less current head shot. So, here they are, or at least, what I could find.

Up against the wall

Early ministry
This shows me and Deanne at Easter, 1976, I believe. I was completing my first year in seminary, and I would be appointed as a student pastor that summer.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here!

Philmont 2010
Standing with the rest of our happy Crew atop Mt. Phillips. I'm on the far right.

godandme ARTone

Recent head shot
This is me teaching God and Me with 1st-3rd graders a couple years ago. It's not too bad a likeness.

Ministry Record

February, 1975 Entered Asbury Theological Seminary
June, 1976 Appointed Pastor of Pleasantville, Mt. Moriah, and Bethlehem UMCs
June, 1977 Ordained Deacon
June, 1978 Graduated M.Div.; appointed Pastor of Mt. Pleasant UMC, Terre Haute
June, 1979 Ordained Elder
January, 1980 Appointed Minister of Youth and Evangelism at Gobin Memorial UMC, Greencastle
June, 1981 Appointed Pastor of Calvary UMC, Indianapolis
June, 1984 Appointed Pastor of Odon UMC
June, 1986 Appointed to attend graduate school; also, Pastor of Cass and Long's Chapel UMCs
June, 1988 Graduate school at Indiana State University; no pastoral appointment
January, 1991 Appointed Interim Pastor of West Terre Haute First and Bethesda UMCs
June, 1991 Graduated Ph.D.; appointed Pastor of Lynnville and Spurgeon UMCs
September, 1995 Appointed Pastor of Aurora UMC
June, 1998 Appointed Pastor of Tanner Valley UMC
July, 2006 Appointed Pastor of Ellettsville First UMC
June, 2017 Will retire following Annual Conference
fudd tenor

Nah, maybe not

I don't actually have a lot of pictures of myself, since I normally take the pictures I save and post, and I don't do "selfies," much. But here's one someone else took of our Venturers on Baldy.

120720f huzzah

Philmont, 2012
Our happy Crew salutes their Advisor atop Mt. Baldy

I rather like it, but I didn't think it was quite what the BOOM was looking for when they asked for ministry highlights. Still, if they'd like to turn the retirement snoozer into a goodie reel, I could probably come up with some other zingers.

For instance . . .

Ready for anything

Scafell Pike, 2005
Note the gaiters. Very English.

Pirates of Lake Tanganyika

Pirates of Lake Tanganyika
Trip of the Millennium, 2001

Adult supervision

Adult Supervision
Early Council Venturing Event