July 15th, 2016

in the soup

Weighed down

I've been feeling just a wee bit trimmer the last couple of days, so I stepped on the scales to find . . . same ol', same ol'. Aaaargh! I am still a full fifteen pounds over my backpacking weight.

My normal cycle has been to start the summer at or near the maximum weight for my height as listed on the BSA physical -- the gold standard for Philmont. By the end of summer, I'm fairly trim, maybe even a few lb. under that maximum weight. Then, as summer edges into fall, my weight starts to creep up. I'll gain several lb. so that by October, I'm often about 7 + lb. over my target weight. That'll hold steady until the end of January, and then, come February, the wheels fall off the wagon. I'll be 10 - 13 lb. over backpacking weight by the middle of March. But as spring brightens and everything stirs, I'll get out and start exercising and by the beginning of summer, I'm back where I want to be.

This year, I found myself exhausted and uninterested in exercising; besides which, it rained all spring. But there was more to it than that. I went to the doctor to get a whole bunch of blood work run. Nothing much there. I'm on a 3-month course of Vitamin D he prescribed. Still trying to figure out why I'm tired all the time and why my body is clinging to the weight.

I'm getting lots of exercise, I'm watching my fats and snacks, and I still can't lose any weight. To a certain extent, I'm probably trading muscle for fat, which doesn't equate to weight loss, but still. My fear is that if I go into the fall and winter this far over my target weight, I'll balloon up into crazy levels. I already can't fit half my clothes and feel like The Incredible Bulk.
old whig

Why Pence?

Richard Nixon once declared that, for the Presidential nominee, your VP candidate can only hurt you. Which is why his choice in 1968 came down to two, what he called, "political eunuchs": John Volpe and Spiro Agnew. Agnew got the nod, Volpe was made Transportation Sec in the new Cabinet.

My guess is, Trump's ego won't let him run with anybody who isn't completely colorless and easily led. Mike Pence certainly fills that bill. He has -- had -- excellent conservative credentials, and then turned out to be easily cowed as Governor by various opposition pressure groups.

So, Pence won't hurt Trump's chances, or upstage him. Trump's on his own, which is where he wants to be. For Indiana, Pence's moving up means someone else will run for Governor, and the chances of the GOP retaining the Governor's seat in Indiana just went up a notch.