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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, July 7th, 2016

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Good Day
I zipped outa here early this morning, pausing only to go by the bank. I had to meet the Ohio County Building Inspector at Wilderstead. He green-tagged my footers on sight. Told me to send him pix by e-mail of the block being laid with steel webbing between the courses. Said as long as I continue to work at the site, my permit (bought two years ago for 75 bucks) will remain good.

After that, I hopped up the road to the new Kubota dealership on US 50. Found out what it would take to buy two new Ag tires with inner tubes for my tractor. Ouch. And they have no way of changing tires in the field. I need to talk to my neighbor who services tractors and see what he can do for me.

Then it was back west to Maumee to visit with our Boy Scout Troop 119 for Family Night. Anna and the grandcubs also came out from E-ville to join in the fun. Talked with Scouts and family members. Stayed for the Order of the Arrow callout ceremony. Daniel and James had a lot of fun. Daniel played with the older boys and stood in his new Cub Scout uniform in his first flag lowering ceremony. The ceremony impressed them, too. Fellowship and food in camp was lots of fun. Got some good ministry done, too.

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