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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, April 28th, 2016

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Ars gratia mulieribus
Tomorrow night is the event called "Chair-ish the Women," sponsored by the Owen County Center for Women's Ministries. Deanne has worked with them extensively and done a lot to help them keep going. The Centers for Women's Ministries offers free para-professional peer counseling to women in all kinds of situations. Their motto is, "We've been where you are."

Their annual fund-raising event over yonder in Spencer has organizations and individuals donating chairs of all sorts which have been decorated. These are then auctioned off to raise money to keep the OCCWM going. Boy Scout Troop 119, from our church, helped last year, and will help again this year, setting up and serving food.

Deanne had wanted to donate a chair or two, either in our own name or from our Venturing Crew. I was going to have the Venturers decorate it/them, but time got away from us. Deanne and I bought an outdoor chair this week, and I painted a scene on the back of it this evening. And so, we'll make our donation just under the wire. But we'll make it.

God speed the work, and God bless all the women who come looking for help from the Centers for Women's Ministries.


"My happy place"
Chair-ish the Women, 2016

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