October 22nd, 2015

big hairy deal

Late afternoon well spent

Long talk with Daniel this afternoon while everyone else was napping. He was asking me about the progress of my feet. I haven't shown anyone else the wounds, especially the grandcubs, since I thought that would be disturbing to them. But we talked about bandages and healing, and exactly what I did to injure myself.

We talked about burns and cuts and how they heal differently. Talking about burns led to talking about sunburns. Which led to talking about hair, and whether he'd keep his when he got older (Look at your Uncle Zach, I said: you don't have anything to worry about). This led to talk of mustaches and what age a boy usually has to start shaving.

Daniel is trying to imagine me as his or James's age. I assure him I was, indeed, once. Eventually, having absorbed all he could from our wide-ranging talk, he just said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and got a book to read. Then he curled up on my lap and we read, Vinny the Armadillo is Afraid of the Dark. James came and joined us for the end, fresh from his nap.

Important stuff. Good times.
humped zebra

Get around, get around, I get around

I was privileged to witness a revelation today.

Anna and I were discussing getting a booster seat for Daniel for my Mazda truck. This afternoon, when everyone else was sacked out, I could have taken him out on some errands; if he had some experiences like that available to him, he and James might not agitate each other so much, what with all the time they spend in each other's company.

Well, as soon as Daniel heard that, nothing would satisfy him but that we should go to Walmart tonight and get a booster seat. No hound dog was ever so antsy for a ride as Daniel was. So we put Anna's child seat in my truck, and off we went. And, oh, my.

Daniel had probably never ridden in the front seat before. And he's certainly never sat up that high before, so far as I know. He was as exhilarated as if he were taking a ride at the fair. He could see everything! And so we talked about all that we saw, including traffic signs and the rules of the road. He is in love with travel now. I predict he won't want to ride in the back seat any more. : )