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The Daily Mustard
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Sunday, September 27th, 2015

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Making progress
I had arranged to take this weekend off for a Venturing trip to St. Louis, but that fell through. So, I had a free weekend and no church duties. I hied me over to Wilderstead to try to make up for lost time on my footers.

I was making a mess of trying to build wooden forms within the trenches, so I decided to tear most of them out and just fill the trenches with concrete (up to a minimum of 8" thick). It costs a bit more, but it gets the job over with. I just used wooden forms to shore up sides that looked a bit ragged.

It rained a little bit Friday night, and there were some puddles in the trenches Saturday. I feared they would be too wet to get down in and work over without tearing up gobbets of mud. I went into Lawrenceburg and rented a rebar bender and took it out to the holler and bent my corner pieces. I took it back after lunch.

I thought about taking an afternoon off and going to Cincy, but I was so tired, I feared falling asleep at the wheel. September has been a month of "short weeks" -- weeks where everything one normally has to do has to get done in only three or four work days, and where weekend special programs and such add to the to-do list mightily. The consequence is, I've been shorting myself on sleep in order to keep up. I just couldn't keep going Saturday, so I went back out to my cabin and took a nap. Read a book. Played computer games.

Today, the sky was much clearer, with fluffy clouds and blue sky. After my morning prayers (more or less at the time EFUMC was worshiping together back home), I pumped out what little water was standing in the low spots of the trenches and schlepped my rebar over to the site. Then I got down in the trenches and started tying rebar. Within a couple of hours, I was finished.

I've got to get the building inspector out there for a meet-up, but if he says I'm okay, then I can order concrete. Who knows? I might have this task done for my birthday!

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