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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

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What's at stake in the run-up to General Conference 2016
Trying to explain what’s going on in The UMC right now to those who don’t pay attention all the time is very difficult. Usually, the ordinary folks in the pew blithely ignore the brawls that break out betwitxt progressives/liberals and evangelicals/orthodox, and they are usually right to do so. Not everybody gets all bent out of shape arguing over the structure of the denomination or how UM clergy are to be vetted and deployed; only the clergy and the activists on either side usually get really engaged. So, everybody knows (in a vague sort of way) that we’re going to have another shouting match over human sexuality (especially over approving same-sex marriage and gay clergy). But we’ve been doing that for forty years; not only that, but the demographics are improving for the “no change” crowd, since the relative power of the African delegates is rising and that of the American delegates is dropping, and the Africans are (pound for pound) more conservative than the Americans.Collapse )

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