August 11th, 2015


Number three in the series

Genesis 1:14-19

The way it was meant to be:
A matter of timing

Today, I’m continuing on with a little series of sermons on the creation stories – the cosmogony – in Genesis, and today we come to the 4th day of creation: the creation of sun, moon, and stars. And once again, the relentlessly scientific reasoning of today – or what people think is scientific reasoning today – comes to the fore and says, “What nonsense. The creation of sun and stars cannot come after the creation of the earth, and certainly they – as well as the moon – are older than the seas and vegetation.Collapse )

And, coming in at Number Four . . .

Genesis 1:20-31

The way it was meant to be:
Very good

We’re continuing in our series of sermons on the cosmogony in Genesis, and as we come to the 5th and 6th Days, the plot, as they say, thickens. We are finally getting down to the creation of animals – first fish and birds on the 5th Day, then land animals on the 6th – including the creation of human beings. We – or our ancestors, anyway – are finally making their entrance upon the stage, and our interest is the more piqued thereby.

But one thing at a time . . .Collapse )