July 28th, 2015

too old to cry

O see ye not yon braid, braid road

The Boy Scouts of America has changed its policy about gay adults serving as leaders. The blanket ban on homosexuals has been ended. It will be up to the institutions that charter Scout units to approve their own leaders. BSA has said they will back up those charter partners that do not approve of gay leaders. We’ll see.

Some major religious charter partners are voicing concern, even talking about dropping their relationship with BSA. I’ve seen some Mormon leaders quoted as saying that everything’s fine, they will continue as they have up till now; meanwhile, a CBS news story today quoted other Mormon leaders indicating that the LDS Church is investigating starting its own scouting program. In the end, I imagine there will be a great cooling of support, a splintering of opinions, within groups such as the Latter Day Saints and Southern Baptists. That same CBS news story quoted a leader in the gay rights movement saying that they won’t stop until BSA overrides the right of individual charter partners and foists gay leaders on unwilling community groups.

So, what has BSA gained by this decision? And perhaps more importantly, what has it lost?Collapse )