May 31st, 2015


Today's sermon

The Faith Once Delivered
Jude 1-25

Today is Trinity Sunday, one of the few celebrations in the Church calendar given over to a doctrine – or collection of doctrines – rather than to the commemoration of an event (or a cause). The Nicene Creed, which we recited this morning, is one of the touchstones of orthodoxy, one of the ways we declare who it is that we worship, and how this God we call Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is different from all other gods defined by all other religions. The Christian definition of God and our understanding of how Jesus Christ is both truly God and truly Man – and why that matters – are at the very core of the gospel.Collapse )

A capital ship for an ocean trip

Today was the last day of Sunday School. My youth class (Harrison and Alex today) worked on cutting, grinding, fitting, and foiling the ark in the middle of the big stained glass window. We should be soldering this piece very soon.

I've set aside a number of craft days throughout the summer so we can continue to work on this project, even without Sunday morning sessions. If I can get some good response, we should go like a house afire on the next two windows.

Build me an ark

Build me an ark
At least we're not taking as long as Noah probably did
compass rose

NY - 10

Our happy Crew leaves in ten days for a road trip through Ontario, New York, and Pennsylvania. This pic is from my previous trip to Gettysburg with my former Venturing Crew. That's Zach Randall going nose to nose with the Irish wolfhound.

Irish Brigade Memorial, Gettysburg 2004

Irish Brigade Memorial
Gettysburg Battlefield