May 21st, 2015


On the poor

The question was asked by a friend who posted a meme: Why is there so much poverty in America? Such a question deserves a thoughtful answer. My answer comes in two parts.Collapse )
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My two patches' worth

So, I got a news flash this morning that linked to Bob Gates’ speech as National President to the BSA National Meeting. In it, he said that he didn’t know how long BSA could hold out against the trends in society favoring inclusion of gays. He speculated about legal problems. He pointed out that several large Councils are in open revolt and he couldn’t imagine revoking their charters. And then he said that, whatever BSA might do in the future, it would always preserve the right of religious charter partners to set their own, more restrictive, membership standards in accordance with their own rules.

Gee thanks. Or, as I responded to our Council Exec who sent out the news flash, “Well, that didn’t take long.” It was only two years ago we were all tied in knots over whether to allow gay youth as members. I remember saying at the time that if this finished the issue, it might be worth it; but if it were only a first step, a stalking horse for a more inclusive agenda, then we would all come to regret this. And here we are.Collapse )