May 9th, 2015


Well, I'm back

I had to get my brakes fixed in the truck. Very expensive, but glad to know that everything is okay in that department before taking off for New York and everywhere else next month. The repairs made me late getting out of here yesterday, but I still got out to the holler with plenty of daylight left.

So I mowed all the trails. They're now beautiful. Everything is beautiful. Then I fetched some stuff in town and dropped by excavatin' neighbor, who came out and gave me an estimate on building the road spur I need so REMC can come in and set a power pole. Pricey, but there's no avoiding it. So that'll be done in a couple of weeks or so, and then REMC can come in and do their magic.

I emptied my redneck mouse trap. I'd noticed that I didn't seem to have all the little meeses this winter, but I was shocked when I poured out the antifreeze in the bottom. Must have been well over a dozen embalmed mouse corpses! I'm sold. The redneck mouse trap is the only rodent killer I've ever tried that actually worked. I mean, they steal the bait out of spring traps (or ignore them). They eat D-con like candy. But a bucket of antifreeze with a plastic spinning pop bottle slathered in peanut butter on top will get 'em every time. My thanks to Glenn Hargitt, who posted it as a meme a couple of years ago.

As dark finally settled in, I wrote up my sermon notes for Sunday and read for a while. Went to bed. It rained a bit overnight and at daybreak, but no more rain until I was done and heading out.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and got an easy start on the day. Then I went out and dug for a couple of hours on the footer trenches. Ate lunch, relaxed, and then went back out and dug for another couple of hours. Six or eight feet of trench done. Yay!

By now, it was almost 2:30. So I dosed the remaining ash trees, cleaned everything up, and headed back to E-ville. Been a good trip to the woods!