November 17th, 2014

mad hatter

Don't scuff your cuffs

I have a 31" inseam. That's a fairly common length, and used to be, you could buy trousers off the rack with a 31" inseam. But no more. Nowadays, everything is in even numbers. Which means, if you buy a pair of pants with a 30" inseam, your socks are showing; if you buy a pair with a 32" inseam, you're treading on the hem of your pant legs as you walk. I buy the 32" inseams these days, since with shoes on, the cuffs don't drag the ground. But who wants to wear shoes all the time indoors?

Deanne noted, without irony, that the other option is to have someone hem up the cuffs of your pants. I refrained from asking if she would do that, since I already knew the answer.

Number Nine in a Series

Spiritual Disciplines: Hospitality
Genesis 18:1-15

I’ve had a couple of different conversations lately that bear on the topic of hospitality. We were talking about the houses that people build these days. Used to be, the house would be sited on the property so as to leave a good side yard or front yard, which were semi-public areas for children and families to play in, and there would often be a large front porch, on which the residents would sit and greet those passing by. There were rituals that gave you access to these areas, and other rituals that yielded an invitation to come inside the house or into the back yard.Collapse )