November 11th, 2014

big hairy deal

We regret the error

So, I was clerging today with Scott Tyring (to clerge, v.i., to do whatever it is that clergy do), by which I mean talking shop at our Covenant Day about perennial issues between ordained elders and deacons on the one hand and licensed local pastors on the other. I referred to local pastors as chorepiskopoi, and said the matter had been dealt with at the First Council of Nicea (AD 325). In other words, some issues just never go away.

But in looking up the canons of the various ancient Councils, I find that the instance I was thinking of actually was referred to in a canon of the lesser Council of Ancyra (AD 314). I am naturally mortified, but even Homer nods. I hereby issue this clarification under the editorial and royal We, but it's my mistake.

And yes, I know the number of clergy colleagues who'd even know there was a Council of Ancyra, let alone be able to identify what a chorepiskopos was, is remotely small. But I are a serious scholar and not a slinger of roadapples and therefore have a reputation to defend. So there. Neener neener neener.