October 20th, 2014


Apply at will


This cartoon is good on its own terms. For those of us who work in the Church, or who volunteer in Scouting, innumerable examples of over-trumpeted whizbangery come immediately to mind. Whatever your field of labor or hobby, I'll bet you can also name an example or two.

Last Sunday's Sermon

Spiritual Disciplines: Witness
Acts 1:1-14

A couple of General Conferences ago, a friend of mine who was a delegate came back and told me, “We made a saint at General Conference, Art.” Oh come on, I said, we don’t make saints. "Oh, yeah, we do," she replied. It turns out that out of the thousands of petitions from United Methodists all over the world, somebody sent in a petition that we should recognize Dietrich Bonnhöffer as a Christian martyr. Collapse )
humped zebra

All thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.

September hit me like a Mack truck carrying a load of bricks. Just as my body and brain were adjusting to the seasonal changes, the fall craziness struck. I didn't really realize how busy I was until I wrote up my October accounts and looked at the business mileage I racked up September. No wonder I was tired!

Things are still crazy busy and I am struggling to keep weight off, but October has been a little lighter than September. I'm not quite as flattened as I was. By the time we get done with Consecration Sunday November 9, I may have a wee bit of time to relax before the countdown to Christmas begins.

In the meantime, I try to get something important done each day. It's so easy to be crushingly busy without really accomplishing anything.