October 16th, 2014

storming the castle

Today's Patented Pastoral Profundity ™

My friend Beth Ann and I were talking about the mayor of Houston issuing subpoenas for pastors' sermons and other communications in the controversy over public bathrooms. I gave her this line, which I think sums up the mayor and the whole progressive wing of politics:

Inside every progressive is a little Gauleiter.

Beth Ann didn't recognize the reference, and you may not, either. But under the Nazi regime, every level of society had a boss assigned by the party to keep everyone in line. The lowest level, the boss of a village or township (old German Gau), was a Gauleiter. I mean that the mayor exemplifies the desire to exercise petty tyranny which is endemic on the Left these days.

And, as I said yesterday, the only proper response to such petty tyrants is, "Go to hell." Which is not a term of abuse, but actual directions; for those already heading that way, it's an invitation to leave early and beat the rush.