October 5th, 2014


Today's Sermon (Part 4 in a Series)

I had thought when I wrote this that we would have a couple of German exchange students in church this morning. So, I added some notes in translation for this sermon (in italics). As it turns out, none were present because of another thing going on, so I didn't use the German notes; nevertheless, I publish them here for the heck of it.

Spiritual Disciplines: Accountability
Galatians 6:1-6

This afternoon is our annual Charge Conference at Arlington United Methodist Church. Heute Nachmittag kommt unsere Gemeindekonferenz. Charge Conference is the annual business meeting of the congregation, though these days there isn’t much business actually transacted there; most Charge Conferences are done with clusters of churches, and the items they act upon have all actually been agreed to by their respective Church Councils, so why do it? Warum?Collapse )