September 16th, 2014


Patches on patches

Friday evening at camp, I put my right arm through the sleeve of my uniform shirt and tore a hole in it, right below the American flag patch. Scout uniforming is expensive; to buy a new shirt with all the patches I wear costs darn near eighty bucks. So, yesterday, I set about repairing the shirt.

I turned the sleeve inside out and did a whipstitch on the tear, then went over it again. It wasn't pretty, but it would do. Then I noticed that similar tears were beginning around the tops of both pockets, where the stress of the attached patches had rendered them threadbare. I suppose if I didn't have so many awards, the pockets might last longer, but that doesn't explain the sleeve. I've only had this shirt for seven years, and I don't wear it for much more than to go to meetings in.

Now I've got to buy a new shirt. I think I'll just take all the patches off my old one, though. They're half the price of the completed shirt, and they're now pre-shrunk for sure.