September 7th, 2014


Rounding up the flock

There were some folks in church today that I rejoiced to see. I've been missing them! And there were others that I am still missing.

Someone asked me, "What happened to So-and-so? She hasn't been here for a long time." Sometimes, it's summer. Sometimes, it's job or personal circumstances. Sometimes, it's other stuff. All kinds of things can get one off-track, and then, if you don't get right back at it, the break in your worship discipline can become the new normal.

And who is the right person to ask? I ask when I see folks, and I'm sure others do, too. But for every person, there is probably at least one other who is the "right" person to ask -- who stands a chance of getting the right reaction to get them started back in attending regularly. Who is that person? How many "that persons" are there? Can we get them organized and send them out in reconnaissance parties? What does it take?

I've now been at this for a long time. I've seen a lot of people come, and -- to my sorrow -- I've seen a lot of people go. I wish I knew how to round up all the strays and love them so as to keep them where they belong.

Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking

We held our Tenke re-union photo party this evening at Shapiro's in Indianapolis. The Tenke Team was there: me; Fred; Nikki; Dave; Mitch -- plus Bob. Curt also joined us. And there were spouses: Deanne (me); Tom (Nikki); Laura (Curt). It was fun. We stuffed ourselves. And we shared pictures from the Tenke Jamboree.

It was good to remember all that we accomplished, and all the people we accomplished it with. We continue to tell the story of United Methodist Scouting in North Katanga. Good things continue to happen here because of what we did. More important, good things continue to happen there. Which makes it all worth doing.

Bwana asifiwe!


Phred ties into one of Shapiro's world-famous Reuben sandwiches


I recommend the Boston Creme Pie