August 5th, 2014

good news

Good news, everyone!

I am down one specialist. I saw my podiatrist today, and he said the condition for which I've been seeing him for a year and a half is under control. I didn't need to schedule a follow-up appointment. I am taking no prescription meds for this. Yay!

Slowly, I'm getting the number of prescriptions and number of doctors I have to deal with whittled down. I take about half the number of pills I took just four years ago, and I'm down to one GP, one dentist, and two specialists. Here's hoping the trend continues.
humped zebra



Actually, in my case it's my gut.

Now that summer is over, the challenge is fighting off the Fall Weight Gain. I usually gain ten pounds by late October. Then I hold steady until late January, when the inactivity and munchies that accompany the end of Winter finish me off, and I'm struggling to lose twenty pounds even as I schedule my annual physical.

So, lots of veggies! Long walks! Cut down on the butter! Oy.