July 24th, 2014

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Tenke Jamboree 2014, Part Seven


Monday, 7/14

As promised, Phred and I leave the young’uns to sleep in while we go to have breakfast with Mumba, Innocent, and Sampasa. Bishop Ntambo calls me on the phone to ask how things went. The morning passes in a leisurely fashion. We finally get everybody up and moving by lunchtime.Collapse )
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Tenke Jamboree, Part Eight


Thursday, 7/17

We have cold pizza in the morning: Breakfast of Champions! This is our extra day in Lubumbashi, and we are going to do what Americans do the world over: go shopping. I am hoping to find an abacos that will fit me. That’s a short-sleeved suit that I notice men wearing. Kind of an African leisure suit. Alas, we look, but nothing in Africa fits me off-the-rack.Collapse )