June 19th, 2014

pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Seven

Oh, blow ye winds over the ocean,
Oh, blow ye winds over the sea,
Oh, blow ye winds over the ocean,
And bring back my bonny to me.

”My Bonny”

Monday, 6/16

It’s our last day at the Brinton Center. We’re going home. Check-out seems a bit chaotic compared to Philmont, or even summer camp back home. After breakfast, we hang our Crew number in the galley with the help of our Mate. Troop 119 is already there; Julie added the Venturing patch to differentiate us from our sister unit.

And then there was much shopping.Collapse )
compass rose

Heave to, and prepare to be boarded

Sea Base wasn't my first nautical adventure. Here's an oldie for a Throwback Thursday. On this occasion, we had taken sixteen Scouts and leaders to Tanzania to do a leadership seminar. After the Tanzanian and Congolese Scouts went home, we did a little touring. Here, we are being given a cruise on Joy in the Harvest's boat.

Since I'm now turning my attention to my Africa trip in two weeks, I thought this was particularly appropriate. BTW, that's a Swiss Army knife in my jaws.

Pirates of Lake Tanganyika

Pirates of Lake Tanganyika
Trip of the Millennium, 2001

Happy birthday, Grandcub!

Yesterday was Daniel's Fourth Birthday. Deanne arrived today at their house in Overland Park to spend the weekend. I had bought him a pirate t-shirt from Sea Base. Anna e-mailed me this picture of him in it. Normally he's a photobomber extraordinaire, but tonight, he's uncharacteristically reluctant to get his picture taken. Anyway, Anna and Deanne say he's been dancing around, singing "A Professional Pirate" from Muppet Treasure Island.

That's my boy.

Mutinous Birthday Bay

Mutinous Birthday Boy
Anna says in her e-mail, "Daniel couldn't wait to put on the shirt, but he wasn't happy about having to pose for a picture."