June 18th, 2014

pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Two

PIRATES: Hey, ho, ho
You’ll cruise to foreign shores
And you’ll keep your mind and body sound
By working out of doors

LONG JOHN: True friendship and adventure are what we can’t live without

ALL: And when you’re a professional pirate

BAD POLLY: That’s what the job’s about.
“A Professional Pirate”, from Muppet Treasure Island

Wednesday, 6/11

The angry red welts from the fire coral were scary-looking this morning, but the pain was much less. I was up early, seeking coffee in the galley. The quiet early morning is the best time of day while on an adventure.

Marina in the morning

Marina in the morning
By the light of the first cup of coffee

Things got busy after breakfast. We had to clean out the skiffs that brought in the heavy stuff from the inbound crews: water jugs; leftover food; trash. Meanwhile, Dakota was hanging on her phone until the last possible moment. Every group nowadays, whether Scouts or church, has one or two people who mainline cell phone minutes like heroin. I’ve almost made my peace with it (almost).Collapse )
pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Three

Islands belong to the sea like the dark sands of my memory.
When the morning comes they are stepping-stones to the sun.
And the mighty blue ocean keeps rolling on every shore,
like the spirit that binds us together,
we are so much more than islands, islands.

“Islands,” John Denver

Thursday, 6/12

Today was ISLAND DAY in the Out Island Adventure program. It’s a day for exploring. I started out by exploring the CTS, the only privy I’ve ever seen with something like a verandah on it. Very distinctive. Each side had a brain teaser in it to help pass the time, as well as a Public Service Announcement (see below).Collapse )
pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Four

Come on down to my boat baby
Come on down where we can play
Come on down to my boat baby
Come on down we'll sail away.

“Come on down to my boat,” Every Mother’s Son

Friday, 6/13

Friday the Thirteenth at the end of a Full Moon. And it was our FISHING DAY. I was up way early. Very groggy. I grabbed the Sea Grape trunk outside my tent door and did the Sea Base Pole Dance to get out of my tent and on my feet and almost fell down, anyway. Staggered over to make some desperately needed coffee.Collapse )
pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Five

I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an octopus’s garden
With you.

“Octopus’s Garden,” the Beatles

Saturday, 6/14

We were told this was to be SNORKELING DAY. What with all the snorkeling we’d already done, I wondered how they could crank this up to be more special. Well, time has taught me patience. I waited to be enlightened.Collapse )
pirate ship

All At Sea, Part Six

Then hoist up the John B. sail,
And see how the mainsail set,
And call for the captain ashore,
To let me go home.

“The Sloop John B.,”The Kingston Trio

Sunday, June 16

As usual, I awoke very early. The sky was pink over the island. Everything was so quiet. I made some coffee and enjoyed the time. Talked to God about how things had gone. It had been an altogether good experience, despite some challenges.Collapse )