May 28th, 2014

lindisfarne gospels

Speak, Lord, your servant is on deadline

I'm working a bit today on summer sermons. After I get back from DRC this July, we've got about seven weeks left before school starts. I like to do some Old Testament preaching in the summer, since there's not a given theme to the Sundays; that is, we're not in any phase of either the Christmas or Easter cycles. So, we're free to roam about the Bible, poke into the odd corner, flesh out the syllabus.

I'm looking at doing a little four-part series tentatively called, "A fresh look at some of our oldest stories." I'm specifically mulling over Genesis 3 (the Fall into Knowledge), Genesis 4 (the Cain and Abel story), Genesis 9 (the Covenant with Noah), and Genesis 11 (the Tower of Babel).

For the other three Sundays, well, one will be kept open for whatever reflections upon our Congo trip I come home with. Another will be something in connection with the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. And, we'll finish up the summer with my annual sermon in song.