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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

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Another day in the vineyard
I'm "on call" this week for a neighboring pastor. While on my way to the hospital to see one of my own parishioners, I got a call that one of his had been taken to the hospital with a heart attack. I found him in the CVR unit, getting hooked up to various doo-hickeys.

Paul is his name. I know him from around. He's a great kidder. One of his bosom buddies came in while I was there. He's from the same breed. So when it came time to pray and his friend said, "Hundreds of people are praying for you, Paul," I replied, "And a majority are asking for your recovery."

And we're here to welcome you to Munchkinland
So, I went over to the Cincy area to have dinner with my friend Zach at the Hofbräuhaus. My computer's been doing screwy stuff; Zach fixed it in five minutes or less while at the dinner table. Cost to me: one tank of gas and dinner for two. Thank you, Lord, for friends with skillz.

I figured the Hofbräuhaus would be kind of slow on a Tuesday night, and it was. But then, we were among the earliest there. There were some families with young children, too. And then there were more families and kids. And a guy on stilts making balloon swords and animals. Eventually, the room was full of mostly families. I kept marveling at how many children there were. Was it a family night or something? I felt like asking the accordionist to play, "We represent the Lollipop Guild." When they finally got around to doing the Chicken Dance, it was a hoot to see the kids, their parents, and at least one very pregnant mommy dancing on the benches.

Zach checked the brochure at the table: The second Tuesday of every month is family night. Balloon animals, face painting, and kids eat free(!). As we were leaving, we asked what the age limit on "kids" was. The staff acted as if they'd never heard that question. "All kids," they said. When pressed, they decided "twelve and under" was the age for kid-dom. Sounds like we need to make a family cultural trek to Newport, Ky, next month on the second Tuesday. We could leave from school and go straight over. I left at 2:30 and was back home by 10:00. It's a long evening, but the food is great (and did I mention, "kids eat FREE?") and we could bill it as edumacational.

Zach had the Kassler Rippchen. I went for the Jägerschnitzel and an appetizer of pretzels with Bierkäse. Das ist guter Frass!

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