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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

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Boy Scouting still requires kids to learn how to tie knots, but with all the whizbangery of our modern camping gear, we actually use rope very seldom. So boys get the idea that they only have to do this once per knot, to pass a requirement, and they can then leave the skill of knot-tying behind.

I tell them, however, that until you can tie each knot upside-down, backwards, over your head, in the dark, with the wind and rain blowing in your face, you really don't know how to tie this knot. Because those are likely to be the conditions when you really need the skill. Zippers and velcro and pop-up doodgies of all descriptions are just not adequate for some of the situations you're going to meet with outdoors, and there will be no time to consult a handbook when the storm is upon you or your hi-tech gear breaks.

There's a spiritual lesson in here somewhere, but I haven't had enough coffee to express it yet. Consider yourself enlightened, however.

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