January 26th, 2014


Who is God? Part One

From my sermon of two weeks ago . . .

Genesis 12:1-9

The Patron: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

We talk a lot about God in the Church – as one might expect – and it occurred to me recently that we rarely talk about God himself. Seeing as how we’re monotheists, we believe that there is only one God. God is in a category all his own, with no one else like him. And most of us talk about God as if we all know whom we’re referring to and what he’s like.Collapse )

Who is God? Part Two

Genesis 1:1-2:3

The Creator: The God of Genesis

This is the second in my series of sermons attempting to answer the question, “Who is God?” I spoke last time about the God of Abraham, El Elyon, “God Most High,” who called Abram out of his old home and became his patron – and about how Jesus brings us into relationship with God Most High and offers to be our patron, our Savior. Well, today I want to back up a little bit and talk about God as the Creator, and that may seem like I’m kind of getting things out of their proper order, to begin with Abraham and then go back to the creation story.Collapse )