December 18th, 2013


God speed the work

I got an e-mail from the Council yesterday on re-chartering status. It listed all the units in out Council by charter partner. I did some quick tabulations and found some very interesting data. I printed off the info to share with the Council Executive Board meeting last night.

Toward the end of the meeting, we were reviewing the Council Strategic Plan. To my surprise, the Council Executive said we needed to add something about working with charter partners in the updates. So, I thought, he really was paying attention the other night at the District Roundtable, when I shared some home truths about this. Then, to my even greater surprise, the Council President called on me to explain what I had told them at the Roundtable. Well, that launched me into a full-bore presentation on charter partners supported by my quickie chart. In the end, the Board voted to create a Relationships Committee.

Full credit to the Council Key Three for actually listening. There may be hope of accomplishing something in our Council in this area. I am very happy about that, and will support it as much as I can. It's been a long time coming. I am reminded of a poster Deanne had on her dorm room wall in college, whose caption read, "God, striking wet matches in the dark, finally finds one that lights."
how long

Okay, I'm done.

The moderator of the United Methodist Clergy group on Facebook just posted in a response to a flaming argument in that group,
The anti-gays need this forum so they can feel like they are winning the online world argument even as their beliefs fall away in the real world. It was the same with those who opposed women's ordination and the inclusion of black ministers. My only work is to speed up the process.
I find that extraordinarily offensive. And it made me realize, I certainly don't need this forum. So, I have terminated my membership in that group. I'm not posting this there, since that would just keep the ruckus going -- besides looking like I felt like I needed to express it in that group. I'm just done, with all of them, pro- or anti- as the case may be. At least 75% of all the comments I read on that group, on all sides, make me mad. I'm glad I didn't know any of them when I was coming into the clergy, because I either wouldn't have entered the calling at all, or at least wouldn't have chosen to associate with this bunch.

What an embarrassment we are, to be sure.