December 2nd, 2013

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The Last Ditch

This morning as I was cruising the intertubes, I came across yet another meme of liberal Christianity, exhorting its followers to rise above the fear and bigotry with which conservative Christians misrepresent them. How arrogant, I thought. As if we traditional believers had nothing else to do and nothing else to stand for but to go about misrepresenting those who are only fighting for what is right and good.

Now, there may be some conservative Christians who wake up in the morning obsessed with beating the other side, but they must be gathering in some other denomination, because I don't meet them in the United Methodist circles I run in. Nor do I meet them among my friends in other bodies -- Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, what have you. The fact is, we have other things on our minds and only come to the argument we keep having with our liberal co-religionists when we are provoked to it.Collapse )
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Dropping The Other Shoe

My last post was about the importance of dogma in the Church. Having finally placed my cards on the table, of course, I expose myself to the charge of being a heresy-hunter, someone on the lookout for people with the wrong ideas. Oh, the horror. Methodists hate heresy talk. Heresy trials -- even though the Discipline lists disseminating doctrine contrary to our established standards of doctrine as a chargeable offense for both clergy and laity -- are simply NOT DONE. Unthinkable. Collapse )