November 29th, 2013


For which give thanks

We did a big bunch of nothing at Anna and Brian's today. Watched TV. Read lots of books with Daniel. Took naps. Made turkey hash for lunch and ordered in pizza for dinner. Played a full game of Up and Down the River (which Anna won -- or maybe I should say the rest of us lost). The boys were drooping and fussy and we were getting close to that when we shared our hugs and took our leave.

Tomorrow morning, we get up early and head back to Indiana. In three weeks, they'll be coming our way to stay until Christmas Day. I hope to be reasonably recovered by then. It's been a good Thanksgiving break. I give thanks to God for the family with which he has blessed me: for my wife of forty years, Deanne; for my children, Zach and Anna, and son-in-law Brian; for our two little Grandcubs, Daniel and James; for kin near and far, especially those now gone; and for all our pets.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
Daniel can hold his own when it comes to eating ice cream


Your deal
Brian returning to the table for another hand


Mugging for the camera
Anna and James finishing off dessert