September 25th, 2013


For Real

One of the fascinating things about reading the conservative news and opinion sites is the debate happening over on the right between various thinkers and doers. One almost never sees this on the left, where disagreements tend to be handled behind closed doors. The left is better at "staying on message." On the right, though, people argue with their fellows pretty freely. One conservative pundit thinks the fight to defund Obamacare is futile, another thinks it's absolutely essential. One talks tactics while another talks strategy and others talk about goals. It's pretty raucous. And refreshing.

I honestly don't know if Ted Cruz is doing a smart thing or not by filibustering in the Senate right now. What I do know is that he believes passionately in what he is doing; he is not striking a pose. I like that. I find Real to be very attractive. And he is not the only Real person saying what he Really thinks in this debate. I admire many of those who disagree with Sen. Cruz, too, because they are saying what they Really think. And all of them Really think that Obamacare is a disaster that needs to be gotten rid of.

So do I.

Just another day at the old fruitstand

At the end of the summer, I cleaned my office desk. Shortly thereafter -- only maybe three weeks ago -- I cleaned the dining room table off. I had everything under control. But in less than a month, everything has gone to blazes again. I can't find important papers. Piles of stuff are everywhere. I spend hours per day doing administration.

It's called Boy Scout Popcorn + Charge Conference + High Adventure Trip to the UK + Congo Mission Trip next year + Stewardship campaign + meetings every night at church because summer is over. It's the madness of battle. You reach a point where all you can do is to stand in one place and hew with your sword until the dark comes. No time just yet to count up the cost and tend the wounded. Don't even know if we're winning or not.

This happens several times a year. It's called Normal.

Who'd'a thunk it, right?