September 10th, 2013

junior woodchuck guidebook

Making haste slowly

S'okay, having waited long enough for those last two campsites in the UK to confirm, I decided it was time to start the international long distance calling. I called one guy listed as the person in charge of Ennerdale and was told that he wasn't the one who did the bookings any more. Figures. You know how slow association websites get updated information.

The nice lady in Cumbria gave me the person who is doing the bookings these days, along with his number. Then she said, I might wait until tomorrow to call, since it was eleven o'clock at night over there. Oops. I thought they were three hours ahead, not five. My bad.

Anyway, I have an updated phone contact for Ennerdale Scout Centre now, and I will call tomorrow afternoon to try to track that down. I will also call Dilston Scout Camp's listed agent and see who is really in charge of that one. Here's praying that I'll get these two campsites secured this week.