August 29th, 2013

beer bear

The DM has more evil ideas than you've got spells

Even though I haven't played Dungeons & Dragons for years, I have a wonderful campaign under development and keep a file of ideas for it. It relaxes me to plan stories and do world-building. So, even though probably no one will ever play my Deep Woods campaign, I enjoy fiddling with it.

I came up with a couple of NPCs for it recently. A big, slow guy and a little, fast-talking guy. They are barflies (in which tavern I haven't decided yet). Their names are Eephus and Fungo (extra points for those who can guess why). To all appearances, these guys know what's what in their locale, but all their insider info is talk. Their sole purpose in my campaign is to waste the PCs' time and send them on pointless errands.

I'm so bad.