August 26th, 2013


Just thinking out loud here

One of my complaints about the modern restaurant hamburger is that there's no texture involved, no chew. The ground beef is ridiculously refined, the bun is super-soft, the cheese is, well cheesy, etc. The entire sandwich is the texture of pudding. Pudding you can hold in your hand. After you've eaten one, you don't feel like you've eaten anything, no matter how good it tastes, because your teeth had nothing to exercise on.

Doesn't mean I'd like a fried hockey puck on shoe leather, but at least that would be something you could sink your teeth into. Which brings me to my latest fiendish invention, all ready for field testing, next time I buy a whole beef tenderloin. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:


A half-inch thick slice of beef tenderloin, well seasoned with salt, fresh-ground pepper, and minced garlic, well seared on the outside but still delightfully pink on the inside.
two half slices of bacon
topped with
Horseradish Cole Slaw (!)
a toasted English muffin, lightly brushed with butter.

nom nom nom nom

"They said I was mad at the university!"
-- Baron von Frankenstein