August 9th, 2013



T.C. wanted his favorite song, "Still," played at his Court of Honor. I you-tubed it and found it to be a simple Praise & Worship piece by a group named Hillsong. A little too breathy for my tastes. I could fake it on the organ with the guitar chords, sort of, after hearing it only once. Like many P&W songs, it covers its simplistic tune with syncopated rhythm, which makes it a pain to play.

Anyway, I thought I needed the actual music, so I called around. The only place that had it was in Terre Haute. It was in a giant collection of other P&W pieces, and the whole thing cost twenty-one bucks. But, anything for a Crew member! so I drove to Terre Haute and bought the thing. Rehearsed it for the Court of Honor. And then found out that his favorite song was "Still," by Tim McGraw. A wee bit different. But, he brought a CD and played it on his laptop.

The problem is, now I've got a phrase from the P&W song running through my head constantly. Aagghhh! Make it stop!
very angry

Color me unimpressed

A friend was burbling over how much he enjoyed the new TV show, Perception, in which a man subject to hallucinations consults people who aren't there or who died long ago as part of his mental process. He is an ace crime solver who uses his supposed mental defect to his advantage. Yeah, and in some parts of the world, crazy people are thought to be touched by the gods.

I know people who are subject to these kinds of afflictions, and there ain't nothin' cool or attractive or interesting about it. Nor does it ever help you succeed in anything. The mentally ill aren't magic leprechauns who perceive things you and I are too dull and earth-bound to know. They're terribly, tragically ill. And if they don't take their medicine, they will deteriorate even further.

People who think psychosis is cool ought to be given responsibility to care for someone who suffers from schizophrenia. I'd bet they wouldn't patronize "entertainment" of this sort after that.