August 5th, 2013

wayside cross

Well, I'm back

I went over to Wilderstead last night for a quick getaway. Arrived after dark, lit some lights, and started opening up bags of stuff. I had bug-bombed the cabin when I left last time, so all the food, dishes, sleeping bags, and other such stuff had been put away carefully.

I took a walk up the road about 11:00, just to look at the stars. Standing at the curve of the road, I could see all of Scorpius -- tail and all -- loom over the holler. To its left, just above where my cabin was hiding behind the hill, was Sagittarius, with the Milky Way looking like smoke rising from my chimney. A planet was making its slow way between Virgo and Libra. The other constellations were just brilliant. It reminds me of that great line from Charles Williams,
. . . in the third heaven
the stones of the waste glimmered like summer stars.
I slept a full nine hours. When I got going this morning, there were lots of things beckoning to be done, but I couldn't do more than a couple. I had to get back. I left someone in a bad way in the hospital, and I had to get back to check up on him. When I got home about 2:00, I found a note that he had died this morning. I called his wife and we talked.

It's going to be a busy week. With Warren's funeral, even busier. But I got a good start on it, and I feel better for having spent a night in the cabin.