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The Daily Mustard
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Sunday, July 14th, 2013

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Everybody's somebody
Answers to yesterday's quiz on stage names.

Sarah Cannon = Minnie Pearl
Cliff Arquette = Charlie Weaver
Bob Keeshan = Captain Kangaroo
Bob Glaze = Cowboy Bob
Bob Carter = Sammy Terry
Cassandra Peterson = Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
David Akeman = Stringbean
Archie Leach = Cary Grant
Marion Morrison = John Wayne
Robert Zimmerman = Bob Dylan
Heckuva way to run a country
It seems to me that the prosecutors in Florida only prosecuted George Zimmerman because they were pressured into it. There was no case there, and they knew it. The case they put on was an embarrassment. A total waste of money. Their own witnesses couldn't corroborate the story they were called to the stand to testify to.

I think the prosecution knew they were going to lose. They charged Zimmerman and threw a giant barrel of garbage at him with no real expectation of winning. Why? Because they were too afraid not to. They were afraid of being called racist for not prosecuting the killer of Trayvon Martin.
Patented Pastoral Profundity™ of the day
When someone starts a conversation by saying, "It may be none of my business, but . . ." he or she is exactly right.

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